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RECAP: CASA JMSB's Personal Finance Workshop

Personal finance management is a skill that everyone benefits as it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively! We certainly aren't the only ones who think this too, this free workshop hosted by CASA JMSB and Desjardin was sold out and a huge success.

This hour-and-a-half workshop was presented by Larise Balcon, a Business Development representative at Desjardins and former marketing student at JMSB. Balcon's presentation highlighted the importance of budgeting, credit scores, TFSAs, and RRSPs.

She shared a personal story of how easy it is to obtain a bad credit score and how to build an optimal score. A piece of budgeting advice that she gave, that should become a cardinal rule, is to always try to pay your credit card in full! Doing so will help you to only spend within your means and avoid pesky interest rates. One of the more interesting parts of the presentation was when she explained in detail what a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is and why everyone should open one. A TFSA is a savings account where any income generated from the account is non-taxable. Find out more about TFSAs and how much you can contribute here!

Balcon finished the presentation by informing the attendees of the various student accounts offered by Desjardin, including a credit card with cash back rewards and no monthly fee.

We learned a lot of personal finance management skills from this workshop and hope that CASA JMSB hosts more of them in the future!


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