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Fall 2023
AI Has Entered the Newsroom
AI and the World of Finance
Beyond the AI Hype
Rules to Rule AI
Catching Up to Our Inventions

The Archive

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Winter 2023
Billionaires: Friends or Foes
Clarity in the Age of Financial Fragility
Diversity in the Workplace: Next Generation's Demands
The Infrastructure of the Future is Here
Cybersecurity: Critical for Businesses' Survival?
Spring 2020


Take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill

Why Are Companies Taking Measures to Achieve Corporate Social Responsibility

An Ode to Successful Customer Service 

A Somber Outlook for the World Economy 

The Benefits of Rational Self-Interest, a Defence of Capitalism

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Fall 2019


Aboriginal Economic Justice

Generational Segmentation is Not a Shortcut

6 Money-Saving Tips for University Students

Value Creation through Service-Dominant Logic

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Winter 2019


Are Quotas a Means to an End for Discrimination in the Workplace?

Condo Conundrum: Housing and the Social Landscape of Cities

Fanny-Jane: The Unexpected Virtue of Curiosity

Baby Mama Want No Drama - Just Dollars

The Benefits of Rational Self-Interest, a Defence of Capitalism

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Spring 2018


R v Comeau: The Case That Could Change Canadian Trade

Degree Mills: A Requiem for Higher Education?

Power Dynamic: The #MeToo Movement as Experienced in the Corportae World

Anxious to Sanction: Trade, International Law, and Justice

A Thing for Everything: How the Internet of Things will Shake the Business World

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Fall 2017


What's in Store for the Future?

The More the Merrier: Why the U.S. Needs Immigration

Made with 100% Suffering

A Prestigious Education's Effect on Careers

Justice in the Age of AI

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 3.32.43 PM.png
Spring 2017


Fair Trade by any Beans Necessary?

Student Loans: The Next Debt Bubble?

Ink, Paper, and Pixels: Journalism in the internet age.

Growth Mindset: The Unexpected Predictor of Success

Dubai: A Hot Location for Expats and Tourists

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