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Writer's Guide

Characteristics we look for in all pieces:
  • Innovative: Your article must offer a new perspective on a business-related issue. Avoid writing about a topic that has been covered exhaustively by another publication. Do some exploratory research before starting your piece and check that what you’re proposing is original.

  • Well researched: Any statements, suggestions or estimations should be backed by legitimate, high-quality sources such as academic research or well-known newspapers and magazines. Do not hesitate to reach out to JMSB faculty members for guidance in your research as they often have relevant experience.

  • Clear: Readers with very basic knowledge of your topic must understand the gist of your article. Ideas should be structured logically, conveying the message in a compelling manner.

  • The subject matter of your article must extend beyond Concordia JMSB, though you may relate it to the school and its students, if applicable. Note that publications addressing issues that are exclusive to the university already exist (ex: The Link, The Concordian). Contact us if you are unsure whether your idea is appropriate. We accept pieces for the following sections: industry trends, finance, economics, politics, culture, technology or sustainability.

Types of pieces you can write:
  • Features explore a topic in depth, requiring significant planning and research. They attempt to offer a very thorough picture of the subject matter, detailing background information and various factors influencing the issue at hand. Unlike hard news articles, features also allow for more creative writing.

    • Features can cover any subject: an analysis of the factors that lead up to a company’s current struggle, a forecast of future trends, a profile of an interesting personality, or perhaps a detailed explanation of a business phenomenon. What matters most is the research and planning behind your article.

    • The piece must be compelling, credible and meticulously fact-checked to ensure fairness and veracity. Keep in mind that a high-quality piece may take weeks to complete. We strongly encourage you to consult with professors and industry professionals in the process. Do not hesitate to contact your editor for direction.

    • Features must be between 1200 and 2000 words. Considered the backbone of our publication, they will be published in CBR’s print and digitalized edition.

    • For an example, refer to the following: Inside Chipotle's Contamination Crisis.

  • Articles and “listicles” are not as long and detailed as features. However, this should not take away from their quality - after all, they are the pieces that generate the most traffic.

    • Articles should aim for the same level of quality and authority as features. For example, they can involve a report on a more niche topic, a book/movie review, a summary/commentary on a recent development in research, or an interview.

    • Listicles present information in an easily understandable format, as numbered lists or in point-form. Again, this should not take away from their quality. They must be relevant and insightful. Though it might not be as essential as it is for features, consultation with faculty members, industry professionals or your section’s editor(s) can be instrumental in your writing process.

    • Articles and listicles must be between 500 and 1000 words. They will be published in our digital edition. The best ones, selected by the editorial staff, will also be included in CBR’s print edition.

    • For example, refer to the following: To Motivate Employees, Do 3 Things Well (research-based listicle); Mind the gap (book review); Short and sweet (movie review).

  • Most pieces, especially features, will include information derived from data, be it from a secondary source or your own research. When you send us your article, please include any data you have collected (ex: from a company’s earnings report) in an Excel file. Make graphs for significant findings. Do not format the graphs, as we will be taking care of that.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to write for CBR. What should I do? 


To contribute to CBR, you need to have an article idea or even just an area of interest. E-mail your topic of interest to, as we will put you in touch with an editor who can help you flesh out your idea and support you throughout your writing process.


Once the writing/editing process is completed, pieces will be published online at and/or in our print edition.


How do I find a topic to write about if I do not have any specific ideas for a piece?


Keep up with industry news - they might constitute potential article ideas.

E-mail us with your usual interests (Sports? Entertainment? Pop psychology? Anything can work).

How should I reference my piece?


For your in-text citations, please use footnotes, as explained here. You do not need to format the footnote in any particular way, just name the source that backs up your statement.


For your bibliography, please use MLA. You can omit the "Print/Electronic" part or the date consulted.

Submit an article for consideration and be featured on our website with an offer to become an inhouse writer. Following our writers guide above, send your article to with subject "YOUR_ARTICLE_TITLE FOR CONSIDERATION".

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