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John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC) Celebrates its First Ever Digital Edition

Top business schools from 13 countries compete in the world’s largest undergraduate international case competition

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For the past 12 years, the John Molson School of Business has reunited and hosted 28 of the world’s top business schools in honor of the largest undergraduate competition of its kind, the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC). This year marks a turning point in the competition’s history, as it will be seeing all its activities move to a fully virtual setting. In 2021, 28 of the top business universities will gather through their screens to find innovative solutions to real-life business problems for companies in Montreal’s business community.

JMUCC is entirely organized by students in the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and this year’s competition is being held from February 28th to March 6th. The event was launched in 2009 in an effort to bring what was then a national case competition to an international scale. Twelve years, fifty cases, and 1,171 competitors later, the competition has developed into one of the most prestigious case competitions worldwide.

“This year will test delegates on a whole new level. With the new virtual work reality, this case competition is going to be a great opportunity for delegates to showcase their innovative spirit and showcase what they can achieve in a virtual setting”, says Charles Roy, President of the 2020-2021 JMUCC Organizing Committee. “Our competition also allows delegates to connect with people from all across the world and share an immersive and hands on experience in solving real-life business problems.” Roy adds that the online competition will allow participants to expand their network on an international scale in experiencing and learning from different cultures.

This year, 13 countries from 4 continents will be represented, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Lebanon, and the United States of America as well as Singapore.

In collaboration with incredible case sponsors, the JMUCC Organizing Committee has gone above and beyond this year in bringing three diverse cases to the contestants, each one requiring critical analytical skills as well as out-of-the-box solutions. JMUCC is proud to be able to showcase such exceptional talent and invites all members of the public to watch the presentations on its YouTube platform and its official website.

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President of JMUCC

Charles Roy

Cell: 438-827-8854


Vice President of Public Relations of JMUCC

Vanessa Dionne

Cell: 514-706-3613



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