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  • Enya Leger

Concordia Real Estate Club (CREC) is Hosting a Women in Real Estate Panel: ‘CRECtalk 7’

On Tuesday, April 13 at 6:00pm, the CREC will be hosting a free, online panel welcoming four women who have been successful in the male-dominated industry of real estate. The panel will be the 7th one offered by the CREC.

The panelists include Martine Theriault from Canderel, Carole Lambert from the National Bank of Canada, Andréanne Lavallée from CBRE, and Carole Guérin from PSP Investments. They bring with them a range of real estate backgrounds, each playing a unique role in the industry.

Co-President of the CREC for the 2020-2021 academic year, Anysha Patel, has been involved with the club for three years. She says, “there’s not really an outlet for students to learn about real estate, so we want to be that middleman”.

The CREC hopes to give students exposure to the world of real estate, by offering events such as workshops, case competitions, and panels to those who are interested, whether you have experience in real estate or not. The upcoming ‘CRECtalk’ in particular, will focus on the reality of the challenges women face in real estate.

Patel says, “women are becoming more and more recognized, whether it’s in business or any industry they’re in, and there are these workshops like ours about women giving back to women and empowering them. There’s no more being silenced, or staying in the shadows; we’re coming out, we have a place, and we deserve to be here”.

The drive for diversity and inclusivity in such an industry is well-supported by the CREC team, who are all looking forward to the event. The club welcomes people from all programs and backgrounds to join their events, and learn about the rapidly growing sector.

“We welcome anybody and everybody, whether you want to hear and learn more, or if you’re a die-hard real estate fanatic, we’re open arms” says Patel. “One of the best parts about real estate is that you don’t need to have a certain background. There’s so many different aspects, whether it’s architecture, interior design, or marketing, there are so many different categories that you can immerse yourself in, and the opportunities are endless.”

Patel and the CREC team continue to plan future events, in order to give students information about the real estate minor available through JMSB as well as information about what they can expect from a career in real estate.

“This is our last event of the semester but we’re coming back in the Summer and the Fall, and we encourage students to reach out to us with any questions they might have” says Patel.

After she graduates from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business with her degree in Finance, Patel plans on pursuing a career in real estate thanks to everything she has learnt from the club and her peers.

The panel will be held on April 13th at 6:00PM via Zoom. Tickets can be purchased for free on Eventbrite here.

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