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  • Marissa Gonçalves

Cleaning Effectiveness and Data Privacy Issues of Automatic Vacuum Robots

By: Marissa Gonçalves

Vacuum robots are automated versions of traditional vacuums that navigate independently with sensors, cleaning floor surfaces depending on how users program them. These electronic devices could incorporate additional cleaning tools such as rotating brushes, sterilization solutions, and mopping attachments to cleanse various floor types. In addition, recently manufactured vacuum robot models have installed intercom systems and security cameras to maintain cleaning areas according to user preferences (Robovac - History of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, n.d.). In contrast with users who purchase on-device setting robots, some phone applications and smart speakers like Alexa also control maneuvering modern robot models when users travel to remote locations (Haines, 2021). This report will discuss the significance of vacuum robots for cleaning residential and institutional sites and address data privacy and security issues regarding the technology’s built-in cameras.

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