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CEED Concordia and JSEC Drive Student Initiative Through Their New Social Entrepreneurship Program

New Social Entrepreneurship Program offers Concordia students the opportunity to make a positive impact through sustainable business.

CEED Concordia and the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC) have partnered to create a new program that offers young adults an opportunity to realize their socially and environmentally conscious business ideas. Through this Social Entrepreneurship Program, selected participants will receive training, mentorship, and networking opportunities—all resources to help them make their business ideas come to life.

CEED is a community organization that operates in Montreal, Canada, and Gulu, Uganda. Through socially conscious internships and programs, the organization makes an impact on students across the world. Their partner for the Social Entrepreneurship Program, JSEC, is a non-profit student committee that promotes and educates Concordia students about sustainable enterprise. Through the Concordia Sustainability Case Competition, programs, fundraising, and more, JSEC moves towards a world in which sustainability is entwined in global systems.

Applicants to the program are not expected to have a fully developed business plan—in fact, it is required that they are still in the ideation stage of their endeavor. However, the business idea is required to have the potential to create a positive social and/or environmental impact.

JSEC President Nick Bonneau explains, “The hope was that by reducing the requirements to submit an idea, students who may not normally consider themselves an entrepreneur or who may be hesitant to start an initiative from lack of resources or expertise would still submit their idea because it's something they are passionate about… and because the resources they would receive would aid them in overcoming any challenges.”

After pitching their business ideas to a panel of judges on May 29th, 12 students will be selected from a maximum of 5 business teams to participate in a 5-month training and mentorship program, and networking activities. To date, JSEC and CEED have partnered with Front Row Ventures and The Socialist Economy Incubation Zone (SEIZE) to provide the training, and are actively looking for additional partnership opportunities. Front Row Ventures is the first-ever venture capital fund run by students that invests uniquely in student-run start-ups. SEIZE is a democratic organization that seeks to replace capitalism with an economy that supports sustainability, decolonization, and solidarity. Along with numerous industry experts, these organizations will offer students their expertise about entrepreneurship and sustainable business to facilitate a hands-on and tailored experience.

“Youth have been particularly affected by the pandemic, with less opportunities to develop meaningful academic and professional experience. This is why we decided to launch this opportunity for students to not only learn how to transfer their ideas into a tangible project but to network with a larger ecosystem,” says Bonneau.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program offers passionate students a unique opportunity to launch their business and create a difference in society and their environment.

Apply to the program here.

Deadline to apply: May 20th, 2021

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