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The CASA Elections

Next year's CASA Executive Team has been decided!

As students of JMSB, it's important to stay informed about the group of peers elected to the CASA Executive Team to represent the entirety of the student body. The team at the John Molson Business Review would like to highlight the dedication and determination of all those who participated in the elections.

To do just that, we put together a short blurb for each of our newly elected representatives to facilitate getting to know them through their relevant experiences and their goals for the upcoming year.

Philippe Dion - PRESIDENT

Philippe was a Brand Ambassador for CASA X and is currently the CASA X Director. He

manages all 15 first-year brand ambassadors and plans the bi-weekly 5x8. Being a part of the CASA Executive Team has allowed him to learn the inner workings of CASA and which aspects need improving. His major goals are:

  • To improve CASA+, a peer tutoring app that gives students access to tutoring services.

  • To improve the flow of information from associations to students

Colin Philip - VP FINANCE

Colin is currently the AVP Finance of CASA. He has competed and placed first in the Corporate Finance category at the last Financial Open.

In a black sheep move, he is studying Economics with a minor in mathematics and statistics.

His major goals are:

  • To increase transparency, as students should know where their money is going.

  • To hire an internal auditor to ensure consistency between CASA's books and the subsidiaries' general ledgers.

  • Modernize the current financial policies and set up internal controls to improve administrative efficiency.

Marissa Yap - VP ACADEMIC

Marissa is studying Accounting with a minor in Economics. She is currently in the AVP Academic position on CASA, a role she will continue to hold in the upcoming term.

Her major goals are to:

  • Implement final review sessions for theory-based courses such as COMM 210 and COMM 222.

  • Implement a mentorship program where students are paired with senior JMSB students or JMSB alumni.

  • Restructure the hiring process for CASA+.

  • Put a stronger focus on mental health and physical fitness.

  • Create recharging stations with free coffee and snacks during midterms.


Patrick started out as a first-year representative for JHMA following which he held the AVP External position on CASA. This helped him learn the inner workings of the association and improve his negotiating skills. He is working toward a Management and Marketing double major.

Patrick’s major goals are to:

  • Help students save more through existing projects such as CASADeals and CCP, as well as some new ones.

  • Create customized partnership opportunities to move away from generic sponsorship packages.

  • Promote the cooperation between the VP externals of the subsidiaries.

  • Increase input from students for sponsorships and partnerships

Simon Bel – VP EVENTS

Simon previously held the AVP Events position on CASA which allowed him to be exposed to many opportunities and exciting experiences. He studies Business Technology Management and Marketing. He is excited for all the new projects CASA has in the works for the upcoming year.

His major goals are to:

  • Create and execute Startup Day – a day for bringing start-up founders to JMSB.

  • Create and execute Loyola Winter Fest.

  • Promote the cooperation and communication between the VP Events of each subsidiary.

  • Implement RFID electronic bracelets for payments and attendance during events.

Mackenzie Murray - VP INTERNAL AFFAIRS

Mackenzie has held the VP Internal Affairs position on CASA for the past two years and will continue to hold this position for another term. She is studying Business Technology Management and her major goals are:

  • To round out the CASA Code of Conduct.

  • Work on the Subsidiary Survival Guide.

  • Work on the BOD Survival Guide.

  • Improve the Subsidiary Application Package.

Amanda Onesi - VP MARKETING

Amanda has a major in Business Technology Management and a minor in Data Intelligence. She is currently the co-president of the John Molson Supply Chain and Business Technology Association and was previously their VP Marketing. Her major goals are to:

  • Promote and encourage student involvement in the 17 subsidiaries available.

  • Promote CASA events.

  • Create riveting content.


It is equally as important to highlight the excellent work done by the major-specific associations. The events and resources offered by them help countless students enrich their undergraduate academic careers. Here are the newest presidents of these associations and their goals for their upcoming term.

Alexandra Fillion - PRESIDENT OF JMMA

Alexandra has been a part of JMMA since her first year when she joined “the Embassy” and is currently their VP Marketing. She strives to bridge the gap between what marketing majors are currently being taught at JMSB and what is expected of them in the workforce. Her major goals are to:

  • Introduce more up to date classes in the marketing curriculum.

  • Offer skill crafting workshops.

  • Connect students with marketing industry professionals through firm tours.

Adreano Alacchi - PRESIDENT OF FISA

Adreano is studying Finance and has a minor in Data Intelligence. He is currently the VP external for FISA, handling everything related to sponsorships and the association’s external image. He is excited to begin tackling the major challenge of fostering a collaboration between Canadian universities and their respective finance associations, allowing student leaders to exchange advice and experiences. His major goals are to:

  • Bring back the collaboration between JMSB and EngComm to bring students a FinTech case competition. He believes it important to bring together both sides of FinTech; the engineering and the finance.

  • Create a conference in collaboration with other finance student-associations.


Dorothy was previously JMIBA’s VP Academics and is currently their Executive Vice President. She wishes to see the IBUS community exhibit sustained growth and expects that to happen as “an organic consequence of enriching the program”. Her major goals are to:

  • Grow the IBUS community.

  • Start a shadowing program with IBUS students and partner companies.

  • Make the Emerging-Markets trip an accredited course.

  • Expand course options for the IBUS curriculum.

Karina Sperlazza - PRESIDENT OF JHMA

Karina joined JHMA’s executive team as their VP Operations where she oversaw the L.E.A.D. program which aims to provide students with opportunities to learn, experience and develop themselves throughout their Undergraduate career. Through her role, she re-branded the program, secured mandates with organizations, recruited students, and managed three individual teams, all of which contributed to her self-development. Her main goals are to:

  • Strengthen JHMA’s brand internally and externally.

  • Increase awareness of the Human Resource Management program.

  • Provide students with experiential learning opportunities as well as more resources.

  • Implement a student based mentorship program with current JMSB students and Alumni.


Nicole joined JMAS this time last year, playing a role on the Events Team as a Director of Events (DoE), where she planned and executed the numerous events the association offers to the students. She attributes her running for President of JMAS to caring about the students and striving to increase the value JMAS provides them. Nicole believes that the more people know about JMAS and what it offers, the more students will benefit.

Her main goals are to:

  • Ensure that what the association does positively impacts as many students as possible.

  • Increase the association’s student reach.

Brandon Caseres Burke - PRESIDENT OF JSBA

Brandon started out as a first-year representative for JSBA following which he became their VP Corporate Relations and will soon take over as its President. His passion for the association is the root of his drive to deepen the relationship between the students and the academic institutions.

His major goals are to:

  • Create more unique workshops with industry professionals.

  • Provide midterm and final review sessions.

  • Have more networking events for students.


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